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A friend at Orlando Pest Control told me about the House of Blues. There are many exciting things that visitors are going to find at The House of Blues in Orlando FL. This is an all rounded event venue that provides premium entertainment and delicious dishes for everyone who visits there. Book your ticket to come to the event of your choice and everything will be covered for you from daytime to playtime. People come here to enjoy great live music performance and amazing dishes prepared by celebrity chefs in Orlando.


Visit the House of Blues and have the most ultimate night of your life. This is where most celebrities come to perform, and that attracts thousands of fans every time there is a concert. People also come to get the best replenishing gospel music performance on the world–famous Gospel Brunch on Sundays. Visit this venue and feed your body and soul, and you are not going to have any regrets whatsoever. Make sure that you view the updated lunch and dinner plans available on the days of the event and see what is right for you on that day.


The process of booking a reservation is straightforward. Everything is done online, and it is easy to find a table and book it for a particular date and time. There is a concert calendar here, and you need to keep yourself updated on new events and canceled events. This is where people come for an ultimate nightlife and enjoy the diversity of our culture here. The heart meets the soul only where there is great food and good music. This is the right place for you to visit from time to time and you will like it a lot.


The dishes served here are excellent as they are chef inspired. Visit our bar and restaurant and have a taste of the Voodoo shrimp that will fuel you up perfectly before an event. There is a menu here, and you can view the delicacies that you can try, and you will like them a lot. The House of Blues Orlando FL hosts the most classic Gospel Brunch every Sunday. The performance will include contemporary and traditional gospel songs that will replenish your soul and belief every time you make an appearance here. Make sure that you buy tickets in advance to be in a better position of making an entrance.


There is a bar and restaurant where most people find their comfort. There are daytime specials where visitors can have a bite and a drink from our menu. Kindly consider going through the menu, and you shall like it a lot. There is the Happy Hour menu that people enjoy from 11:30am-5:00 pm, and they can drink to whatever is available. There is the late night drinking Happy Hour from 10:00-morning that is usually available on Fridays and Saturdays. Make sure you view the happy hour menu, and you will be impressed a lot. Book a table at the restaurant for a better experience.



We have got you fully covered, from daytime to playtime. That is why you need to reserve a table at the Restaurant and Bar and enjoy our menu drawn from across the South. From the Happy Hour Menu, you are going to find pork barbecue, shrimp and grit, and the New Orleans jambalaya and gumbo. Other popular dishes on the menu are salads, sandwiches, voodoo shrimps, and burgers.


House of Blues in Orlando FL is the only place on earth where you can enjoy the entire American heritage ranging from music, food, and art. Come and enjoy the most terrific performances from your favorite singers and dine on the best dishes. Come and let us rock together on the happy hour.

Visit my friend at 2014 Edgewater Dr #250, Orlando, FL 32804


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